Sleep Deprivation

Making your Baby sleep and grow – eliminating sleep deprivation in new born

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newborn sleep deprivation tips

Like all other biological needs, sleep is also the one needed for a normal and health well being, not only for adults but for babies as well. It is during sleep that new born babies grow and develop.

In general, a normal newly born sleeps for 16 hours on an average per day. But if your child is having trouble in sleeping, then it is a big concern.

Although the incidents of sleep deprivation are very less in babies, almost nil as compared to adults and new parents especially, checking your baby and taking medical assistance, in case of any sign of sleep deprivation, is very important.

How sleep deprivation affects toddlers?

The effects of loss of sleep are dangerous for both adults and kids as this could lead to serious problems in their later life.

It is medically proven that during sleep time, a kid grows at maximum rate. But if a child is sleep deprived, then its mental as well as physical growth will be affected badly. Generally a baby is sleep deprived by the age of 3 to 4 months.

If the problem continues, these effects can pile up and lead to sleep deprivation side effects like depression, digestive troubles, headache, low immunity, irritating nature etc. as they grow up.

Also if your baby is not sleeping, this means you are also waling up. This will affect your health as well.

How to make your baby sleep – Newborn sleep deprivation tips

Although a new born baby sleeps for 16 to 17 hours in a day, there might be some short bursts and irregular sleep patterns which are maddening and must be checked properly.

Whenever your baby feels drowsy, put it to bed rather than waiting for the baby to fall asleep. Especially for bread feeding mothers, it is important to master their babies to fall asleep on their own. When the baby is sucking milk, avoid legs and arms movement so that by the time the baby is full, it will sleep on its own.

Tiring the baby down, even if it means making the baby cry a lot. Yes, it is true. Sometimes your baby finds it difficult to sleep which can make him irritate and low in health. If walking or slow tapping doesn’t work, make the baby cry. This will exhaust hi ad he will fall asleep.

This is quiet a noisy option, but it works! Especially when your baby is a month old and is not able to sleep properly, try crying.

Avoid eye contact when your baby is feeling sleepy. This stimulates the baby and snaps him out of the sleep zone. Many child doctors have suggested that looking into babies eyes or chitchatting with them while there are about to sleep, can actually bring them out of it.

Thus it is advisable to just dim the lights and gaze on his soft tender belly and make your baby sleep rather than seeing the babies eyes and waking them up. This might sound a bit tough to avoid innocent eyes of newly born, but if you want to have a sleeping baby, try not to do so.

Try to make your baby sleep more at night time than in day. This can be done by taking it to a dark room and play a soft music to calm him down. After the sleepy mood is set, try walking slowly with the kid on your shoulder and walk him down to sleep.

At day time, keep the room lighted up with sunlight and air where you bay is sitting. In this way you will set up a regular routine for your kid and even you will enjoy a good night time sleep.

Do not just run to your baby every time you hear any slight transmission noise on the baby monitor. You should enter to your baby’s room eight when he is asleep or is wide awake. Entering the baby’s room before the meltdown means carrying him out of the sleep zone. Lower the sensitivity of your baby monitor and let him sleep calmly.

Do not change the baby, even if he is awake. Unless it is required, you should avoid changing the baby at night. Use night time diapers and check it at night slowly, if it is soiled then change.

If the wipe is wet and cold, then the baby tends to wake up at night or catch cold. Thus use quality bedtime diapers and change only if it is required.

If your baby is not able to sleep properly, even when you have tried everything, take medical help promptly. There is EEG for sleep deprived babies as well which can help monitor the brain activities of the child and his sleep patterns.

This will in turn help in finding the best solution for sleep deprived kids. As the baby grows, his sleep requirements change which, being parent, you should keep an eye on.

Try to make your child sleep at fixed times and involve them in various recreational and physical activities. Proper food habits and a healthy lifestyle are equally important along with quality and sufficient sleep.

Even at kinder garden age you child needs all the sleep and rest to help him grow. So even if he wants to play outside or get involved in one or the other thing, make him sleep at fixed hours.

This will save a lot of your and your child’s energy which will be used for better development of body and mind.

Tips for sleep deprived new parents for healthy and happy parenting

If sleep is important for new born babies, it is equally necessary for parents, especially mothers to have proper rest and sleep. But with all the screaming and crying, it becomes very difficult to manage your sleeping hours.

The birth of a new child is a completely unique challenge for parents and they should learn how to manage and take care of themselves as well as of the most beautiful and precious gift of God to them.

So if you are drowsy and sleep deprived because of your toddler, then you must following few tips such as:

Teaming up and realizing the demands of parenting equally are very important. Both the parents should distribute the child responsibilities and tasks so that it’s not a burden on one.

For a new mother, it is important to have proper sleep, so this calls for husbands to take a stand for their wives and take care of newly born at night. As a father, even if you have to sacrifice a little sleep, it is always worth it!

Step away from optional commitments. Parenting does change several things and priorities in life. For you to give proper rest to your body and mind and take good care of your baby, it is very important to cut down your additional, not so important commitments of life like civic organizations softball etc.

Your friends and relatives will understand that this is the time and energy you need to be giving to your family. In this way you will also spend more time with your baby and take good care of it.

Exercise your body and mind. This might sound waste of energy and time to you, but by doing so you will be able to relive stress from your body and rejuvenate it after the welcome of your new baby. For mind exercise, you have read, solve puzzles or meditate; all this will help you a lot.

Take the help of your friends and family members, when offered one. If they offer you assistance in taking care of your baby, take it with smile. This will give you time to rest and refill your energy level and also your baby will get to know your family relatives and friends better.

Always smile and take the challenges the parenting brings along. Always remember that the reason behind your lack of sleep and fatigue is the most adorable gift of your life.

This way you will be able to cope up the difficulties of sleep deprivation and enjoy the rest of your life with a healthy and happy family.

So never give up or feel irritated with your crying and awake baby, rather enjoy the time calming him down and making him sleep comfortably. Little sacrifices in the beginning will bring in a bright future for your child.

To make your baby grow into a healthy adult, it is important to encourage healthy sleeping, eating and playing habits right from the start.

Making you baby sleep properly will help him grow and also give you time for each other and yourself.

There is not better medicine for babies than love and affection that parents give to them. And with this, you can overcome any trouble that comes your baby’s way.


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